Very much like in detail what I once have felt one time fencing. Guess others have felt that too.

The Better Man Project ™

He closes his eyes, and for a minute, there is silence.

As he walks out into the tunnel, he can feel the ground shaking.

The walls are dripping and there is a dirty musk in the air. His heart pounds.

As he approaches the threshold, he can feel the tension grow in his upper back and neck.

This path has been traveled by many, and only returned on by few.

He tries to breathe deep…only to be choked by the feeling looming in his stomach.

He walks out into the blinding light…eyes blurred and senses dulled. There’s that deafening sound of the crowd….and the pinging in his ears. He feels the crunch of the gravel and sand beneath his feet. There is a beed of sweat dripping down his brow waiting to fall, anticipating what is to come.

The warmth of the sun on his back relaxes his shoulders. His…

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So true

The Better Man Project ™






















Evan Sanders

Please Join My Dream :)

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3D Cardboard Project – Spartan Helmet

Do you hear the warriors’ roar echoing through the ancient battle field?

Zack Hemsey – “Finding Home”

Even words lost its power in describing epic music like this. It’s simply magic.


I won’t return
So don’t wait for me
Cuz I won’t find peace
Until I find home

I ain’t never walk a mile in nobody else’s shoes
I don’t really know why some do the things they do
But I can understand what so many have been through
I can feel the urge to belong to something new
And I don’t want to listen to another sad story
Don’t want to be deceived with tales of false glory
And all these legends in they own mind bore me
I’m not distracted by the glitz that’s before me
I can see the discontent that plagues you
I can feel the stress that moves to break you
I can sense the dread that overtakes you
And I can hear the chains that bind and claim you
But something isn’t right with the hamster on the wheel
Day has turned to night now the servant won’t kneel
Peasants want to fight, they refusing to yield
What the devil’s going on, can anyone reveal
Though I don’t have the faintest idea why people even here
I don’t believe it has to do with salaries per year
I don’t believe humanity is floating on a sphere
So that you can wait to live until retirement appears
And I’m just talking straight as I can steer
Society a bunch of crazy bastards over here
So puppets and your masters you can find me over there
Where I’ll be patient waiting for your madness to clear

I won’t return
So don’t wait for me
Cuz I won’t find peace
Until I find home

I ain’t never had to lose what I got
But everything I have is from refusing to stop
And I am not a fool though I duel with a fox
I remain immune to the ruse that he plot
And I’m one confused by the sight of a loved one remain in estranged from their life
When a husband puts his hands to his wife
Though he feels his own worth slip with every strike
And a truth will incite so I’m told
And the wars in my sight will grow old
And it’s painful reflects on my soul
But my high hopes scream to an empty sky
No this not a lullaby, ya’ll follow while I go
To a world full of men void of holes
To a place where MP’s don’t patrol
And to a time where no values are sold
There’s no regime change cuz they conquer by divide
And the heroes of our day have died and washed up in the tide
Those who prayed for change have found their hope got left behind
Cuz money’s greener than that grass that’s on the other side
So I ride the hate of men
Let ’em play pretend
Push and shove and when they let their killing games begin
Take a step outside and watch without it getting in
And look to find a home that I can settle here within

I won’t return
So don’t wait for me
Cuz I won’t find peace
Until I find home

Instrumental Version:

Lyrics source:

Follow thy passion – Brain Farm Cinema Reel

I found them on Vimeo, too cool not to share!


Vivaldi Meets Beethoven

At the edge of the world, where mountains rise, and deep valleys melt into the sea, we will not forget, that on the land where the poets and musicians once stood upon, and that by the ancient city walls, battles have been fought, kingdoms rose and fell. Humanity shows itself in music. And we will not forget, these echoes of the universe.

Don’t only practice your art,

But force your way into its secrets,

For it and knowledge can

Raise Men to the Divine.

 -Ludwig van Beethoven 

Have you as well, played well the symphony of your own life?

Beethoven’s 5 Secrets, by ThePianoGuys:

Great things

This post is for expressing my love for my selfless parents who have been delivering their love and support since my birth. I know there are a lot of families with struggles and obstacles, thus reminding me to cherish what I have and to show my love back to them 🙂

Love, sometimes, is the most beautiful truth. 

Pulchritudo Vivendi

There is this amazing video recorded by Kien Lam who travelled around the world and mashed the scenes of countries together (, Time is Nothing | Around the World Time Lapse) . Travel sets one free when you step on the top of a mountain and breath into the air of this magnificent world in front of you, seeing and feeling what is like to be truly alive.

Last week I was walking on campus, and a group of college kids were singing BSB’s I Want It That Way on the yard, in completely random tunes, very loud and with joy, definitely amazing beyond words; when you are filled with happiness, as if the world around you just suddenly stopped, time has disappeared,  and you become a part of the air around you and you can just jump into the sky, bouncing with joy. And that’s how I felt.

Video stumbled upon on Vimeo (so haunting! Especially view it in full screen!). The music is “Call to Beroea” by Luke Richards; the music surrounds you with all the elements generated from the camera work of the mountains in a cinematic way and you feel as if the mountains are alive; immersed in and captured by these elements, you can even feel the bump of their heartbeats below the ice and snow.

Pulchritudo Vivendi, Latin, The Beauty of “Living”

<p><a href=”″>Cineflex – Norwegian sunrise</a> from <a href=””>Fuglefjellet</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Kien Lam’s video:

<p><a href=”″>Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse</a> from <a href=””>Kien Lam</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Inspirational Things about Earth, Nature and the Animals

I was watching Stephen Fry’s The Importance of Unbelief ( on internet the other day, he mentioned that “You have to account for the fact that almost all animals in the wild live under stress with not enough to eat and will die violent and bloody deaths.” Not every animal live in a world of the Pixar/Disney.

Earth is breathtakingly beautiful because of all its creatures living in the wild nature where few human have left their trace. The more civilized we have become, the more we miss the mother nature. The more we spent time living in metropolitan cities, the more we want to take a plane and land in a place where we are surrounded only by forests and oceans; and we look at the pictures of Eden depicted by Bible that are only printed out on the books in the bookstores.

We have been regarding ourselves as civilized throughout the history, or do we really have been so? It will be too late when the day comes that our offsprings stand in front of the relics of the colorful nature & treasure, like we did in front of the Pompeii ruins, telling their kids, “See? That’s called ‘A real Tree’, that’s how the world used to be like at your ancestors’ times, too sad we don’t have that thing now.”

If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish. -Jonas Salk. 

The reason why we are all here

The London olympics has just ended with the closing ceremony. Yet it doesn’t feel like ending at all. May be that’s the core of it, the core of olympics: we are here to celebrate, live, laugh and carry on. When the song of Emeli Sande’s Read All About It echoed in the stadium, people from all over the world are gathering beneath the same night sky, for the same reason. It tells so much for so many personal glories, losses, failures, victories, fights, stories. No matter what, Everlasting Awesomeness.

It’s a beautiful night in London.

And another version: (imagine what it feels like if ur inside the stadium)