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Travel Log 2 San Francisco (Springbreak)

San Francisco, I fell in love with this city. It is full of life and vibe – great location, climate, sceneries, diverse culture, arts and people!And lots of artistic people around Berkeley area. And many other more reasons…I am running out of words. All in all, one of the best cities in the world.

Powell Street next to Union Square, just like any other streets in San Francisco, has incredibly steep uphill and downhill roads that lead to either the bay (ocean) or the center downtown, which is great for jumping on Cable Cars (standing outside of the cable cars) because it will be like riding a roller coaster 😀


Old-fashioned hotel elevator —ImageImage

Cable Car trail that can be found on every street:Image

On to the Cable Car! See the steep there?Image

By the north bay at the end station of Cable car line (Powell St – Mason St). Great breeze.Image

Road towards the bay/ocean and the Fisher’s Wharf:ImageImage

Seagulls – one of the prominent symbols of SF, chill out everywhere 🙂Image

Pirates Shop:ImageImageImage

The habor: looking back can see the city on the uphill where the cable car came fromImage

Yay, ships —ImageImageImage

From here can see the Golden Gate Bridge:ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Don’t mind me, just baking under the sun. –taken when standing in queue waiting for the cable car back to downtown:Image

pretty sure violated most of these haha 😀ImageImage

Standing outside the Cable Car 🙂ImageImage

View taken outside of the cable car, can see the bay (the other side) right aheadImage

Famous 49 scenic drive!Image

Great view from the hotel window, the vibe of the city:Image

Hop-on hop off bus tour to Golden Gate Bridge ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Walking on the bridge:ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The bay view:ImageImageImageImage

The end of bridge on the other side:Image

Walking back:ImageImage

Trip to San Francisco Zoo, on the chillier & foggier side of the city. The white/gray area is the ocean: ImageImageImage

Long time no visiting a zoo:Image

The self-meditating zebra, because he/she stands there all day, rarely moves:ImageImage

Polar bear:Image

Regular bear:ImageImage


Muir Woods, where Jedi/Planet of the Apes 2009 were filmed —ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Towards Sausalito:ImageImage


Dream Log 1

Last night I had the most mystic dream of magic and wonder. And it just makes my weekend ten times even better.

The image that I remember most vividly is I was, in my dream, flying over a large landscape of plateau or scottish valleys/lands of some sort at quiet dark night (nothing, nobody, just landscape), and in front of me there is a cliff; on the top of the cliff there is a small cottage covered fully by forest green ivy, and it is so high above the rest of the world. The cliff is so tall that nothing can been seen from above where it is at, except quietness and vastness of the plain: full of Harry Potter movie feelings.

Then in my dream I flew to the front of the cliff facing the cottage window: it is as if time is reversing around that cottage, the shattered glasses hovering in the air are growing/getting back to where there were before on the window, and the whole process is like slow-motion plus time-lapse, super beautiful and magical. But everything else in the landscape is at normal time speed yet something mystic and epic is happening in that somewhat scottish/harrypotterish landscape.

And then, like watching a movie, I saw a huge opening title “Happy Potter and blah blah blah” appear just the way the glasses were growing back to the window.

Wicked. I must have been watching too much vimeo time-lapse videos. And there are many other epic things going on in the rest of the dream, but this is the only part I can recall quite vividly now. They may comeback to me anytime later (it happens a lot) hahaha.

Continued from Previous Log: On the Road, Travel Log Updates

Before Christmas, Hilo, Hawaii

Akaka Falls

The trees just stand there, yet I could feel they are so much alive. All was quite, only thing you can hear is the sound of wind blowing through the leaves. 


All the tranquility reminds me of a joyful afternoon spent in a garden near my Grandparent’s house at my hometown when I was very little; or maybe a tiny evening adventure with my school best friends exploring the “undiscovered” city corners after school/when the parents are out ;). I was thinking: all the time we adults keep searching for happiness when we feel dreaded and worn by the city life, may be we just forgot to simply look around, or just take a step out of our comfort zones, or the cages built in our own minds in a city life of routines – we came from nature, yet we have kept ourselves further away from it.


So, where does this lead to?


Hidden waterfall in the jungle


The Beach!

About an hour later, the weather got better and the sun came up 🙂


Into the sea at dusk. The waves were quite choppy that day.


Cloud formation in the sky:


From the helicopter, sky view of Hilo Island:


On the Road: Travel Log Updates

Happy 2013! Had the best once-for-a-lifetime memories/experiences/events this Christmas: didn’t even bother to touch the internet throughout November-ish till Jan.5th, and seriously no regrets whatsoever! Hawaii, ur hath been, ur now, and forever will be my only No.1. well,now:

Thanksgiving, San Diego:

Bay facing Coronado Island


Walking over the bridge:


Sunset at the end of a day:


North Pacific Ocean:


Cruiseship ready to set off, at dusk




California Desert, Burrego


Middle-of-nowhere moment 🙂


Before Christmas, Hawaii:

Lava trees

The weather in Hilo is forever unpredictable. But just as what the household owner says, the worst weather in Hilo is still the best compared to anywhere else! One second it’s sunny, the next rain stars to pour. More amazingly, the rain only goes where the cloud goes. So one area is raining, while you can see half a mile away the road is sunny as beachside 🙂



Next day, Akaka Falls


Do not fear

Although I am not a very religious person considering the religious undertone suggested by the maker of this film in video description on Vimeo, it rather reminds me of the underlying philosophy of rock/mountain climbing.

Women in History

After Doctor Who marathon, I felt River Song reminds me how British women was portrayed in literatures (independent, smart and witty). I suddenly want to show my veneration for women in western and eastern civilizations so that the things I’ve learned from reading tons of literatures do not come to waste. In myths they are heroes lunging into dangerous worlds to save loved ones: Astarte/known as Aphrodite by the Greeks/Venus by the Romans (story of Astarte & Tammuz); In warfare they lead thousands of legions to defend freedom leaving legends for centuries to tell: Joan of Arc (who was trialed as witch yet later overly glorified as a saint sacrificing herself); they sit on thrones ruling kingdoms and creating Golden Age: Elizabeth I (whose mother, Anne Boleyn, an amazing and great woman, was wrongly executed as a sinner in a feudal era).

They fought battles like pirates sometimes simply because there are things worth fighting for: Mary Read; In literature they’ve composed classics that has been endlessly used as the source for modern movies/TVs: Mary Shelley Frankenstein. For those saying them as weak: Look them up. Neither sinner or saint, just human.

And some epic background music effects =)

Great things

This post is for expressing my love for my selfless parents who have been delivering their love and support since my birth. I know there are a lot of families with struggles and obstacles, thus reminding me to cherish what I have and to show my love back to them 🙂

Love, sometimes, is the most beautiful truth. 

Pulchritudo Vivendi

There is this amazing video recorded by Kien Lam who travelled around the world and mashed the scenes of countries together (, Time is Nothing | Around the World Time Lapse) . Travel sets one free when you step on the top of a mountain and breath into the air of this magnificent world in front of you, seeing and feeling what is like to be truly alive.

Last week I was walking on campus, and a group of college kids were singing BSB’s I Want It That Way on the yard, in completely random tunes, very loud and with joy, definitely amazing beyond words; when you are filled with happiness, as if the world around you just suddenly stopped, time has disappeared,  and you become a part of the air around you and you can just jump into the sky, bouncing with joy. And that’s how I felt.

Video stumbled upon on Vimeo (so haunting! Especially view it in full screen!). The music is “Call to Beroea” by Luke Richards; the music surrounds you with all the elements generated from the camera work of the mountains in a cinematic way and you feel as if the mountains are alive; immersed in and captured by these elements, you can even feel the bump of their heartbeats below the ice and snow.

Pulchritudo Vivendi, Latin, The Beauty of “Living”

<p><a href=”″>Cineflex – Norwegian sunrise</a> from <a href=””>Fuglefjellet</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Kien Lam’s video:

<p><a href=”″>Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse</a> from <a href=””>Kien Lam</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>