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Travel Log 2 San Francisco (Springbreak)

San Francisco, I fell in love with this city. It is full of life and vibe – great location, climate, sceneries, diverse culture, arts and people!And lots of artistic people around Berkeley area. And many other more reasons…I am running out of words. All in all, one of the best cities in the world.

Powell Street next to Union Square, just like any other streets in San Francisco, has incredibly steep uphill and downhill roads that lead to either the bay (ocean) or the center downtown, which is great for jumping on Cable Cars (standing outside of the cable cars) because it will be like riding a roller coaster 😀


Old-fashioned hotel elevator —ImageImage

Cable Car trail that can be found on every street:Image

On to the Cable Car! See the steep there?Image

By the north bay at the end station of Cable car line (Powell St – Mason St). Great breeze.Image

Road towards the bay/ocean and the Fisher’s Wharf:ImageImage

Seagulls – one of the prominent symbols of SF, chill out everywhere 🙂Image

Pirates Shop:ImageImageImage

The habor: looking back can see the city on the uphill where the cable car came fromImage

Yay, ships —ImageImageImage

From here can see the Golden Gate Bridge:ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Don’t mind me, just baking under the sun. –taken when standing in queue waiting for the cable car back to downtown:Image

pretty sure violated most of these haha 😀ImageImage

Standing outside the Cable Car 🙂ImageImage

View taken outside of the cable car, can see the bay (the other side) right aheadImage

Famous 49 scenic drive!Image

Great view from the hotel window, the vibe of the city:Image

Hop-on hop off bus tour to Golden Gate Bridge ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Walking on the bridge:ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The bay view:ImageImageImageImage

The end of bridge on the other side:Image

Walking back:ImageImage

Trip to San Francisco Zoo, on the chillier & foggier side of the city. The white/gray area is the ocean: ImageImageImage

Long time no visiting a zoo:Image

The self-meditating zebra, because he/she stands there all day, rarely moves:ImageImage

Polar bear:Image

Regular bear:ImageImage


Muir Woods, where Jedi/Planet of the Apes 2009 were filmed —ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Towards Sausalito:ImageImage



3D Cardboard Project – Spartan Helmet

Do you hear the warriors’ roar echoing through the ancient battle field?

Vivaldi Meets Beethoven

At the edge of the world, where mountains rise, and deep valleys melt into the sea, we will not forget, that on the land where the poets and musicians once stood upon, and that by the ancient city walls, battles have been fought, kingdoms rose and fell. Humanity shows itself in music. And we will not forget, these echoes of the universe.

Don’t only practice your art,

But force your way into its secrets,

For it and knowledge can

Raise Men to the Divine.

 -Ludwig van Beethoven 

Have you as well, played well the symphony of your own life?

Beethoven’s 5 Secrets, by ThePianoGuys:

Random thoughts on Art

Artists, including writers, are the creators of our world. Human history will be colorless and souless without them.

Beautiful encounter at an art exhibition. Photo taken at City’Super, Time Square, Causeway bay, HK.

Art work exhibited at City’super, Time square, Hong Kong. “An introduction to philosophy”, taken on June/July 2012

By the way, Hong Kong is a beautiful city.

Photo taken from ferry Meridian crossing Victoria Harbour, June 2012

Beautiful view of Victoria Harbor from ferry Meridian, HK