Women in History

After Doctor Who marathon, I felt River Song reminds me how British women was portrayed in literatures (independent, smart and witty). I suddenly want to show my veneration for women in western and eastern civilizations so that the things I’ve learned from reading tons of literatures do not come to waste. In myths they are heroes lunging into dangerous worlds to save loved ones: Astarte/known as Aphrodite by the Greeks/Venus by the Romans (story of Astarte & Tammuz); In warfare they lead thousands of legions to defend freedom leaving legends for centuries to tell: Joan of Arc (who was trialed as witch yet later overly glorified as a saint sacrificing herself); they sit on thrones ruling kingdoms and creating Golden Age: Elizabeth I (whose mother, Anne Boleyn, an amazing and great woman, was wrongly executed as a sinner in a feudal era).

They fought battles like pirates sometimes simply because there are things worth fighting for: Mary Read; In literature they’ve composed classics that has been endlessly used as the source for modern movies/TVs: Mary Shelley Frankenstein. For those saying them as weak: Look them up. Neither sinner or saint, just human.

And some epic background music effects =)

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