I was watching the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other night while there was a thunderstorm outside. The movie reminds me of the good days back in the late 80s when everything’s full of energy and when people were much simpler and closer to each other, compared to today when most of us interact with each other through the internet.

It reminds me how funny that how we envy the kids and the old people. Kids have the granted freedom to say and act as they like, whenever and wherever; and old people have been through almost anything in their life. You know people will treat you like a 20 years old even if you still feel like a kid inside. What is it like to live freely without the boundary of ones age?

Life is amazing, living and free. When shopping for sports wear and electronics/walking the other day on a sunny afternoon, this song by the american alt. rock band popped up in my headphone, and it made me feel happier than ever. Best shopping experience 🙂

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